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Organization of a funeral - funeral services in the city of Uzlovaya

Funeral services are rendered on the territory of the Uzlovsky district, the town of Uzlovaya, Tula region. Our offices are located in the cemeteries in Sinyayevka and Kamenka.

The funeral company works with an understanding of the gravity of the situation and provides services at loyal prices for people with different incomes. Call and see for yourself.

The ritual center has been operating for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the ritual field. Specialists organize funerals at the most dignified level, regardless of their cost.

The ritual center has been operating for over 9 years and has significant experience in the ritual field.

  • organizing a funeral in Uzlovaya;

  • funeral in the Uzlovsky district;

  • check-out within 10-15 minutes  - call:  

    +7 (950) 901-55-42;

  • the most loyal prices;

  • tactful service, more than 8 years of experience;

  • online store of ritual goods and accessories.

  • transportation of the body of the deceased from the regions of Russia and the CIS;

  • transportation of the body of the deceased to Uzlovaya;

  • departure by prior arrangement - call:

     +7 (950) 901-55-42;

  • adequate prices;

  • accuracy and reliability;

  • work experience over 8 years.

  • section thickness of the profile pipe wall 1.5 mm;

  • kzor for the fence from the customer;

  • delivery and installation;

  • 12 months warranty;

  • color to choose from;

  • own production in Uzlovaya.

  • funeral crosses made of wood and metal;

  • crosses for burial and grave installations;

  • delivery and installation;

  • guarantee 12 months;

  • color to choose from;

  • own production in Uzlovaya and to order.

  • guarantee for all products of the online store.

Artificial flowers in the cemetery

  • assorted artificial flowers;

  • flowers for decorating graves;

  • delivery and pickup;

  • color to choose from;

  • own production in Uzlovaya.

  • Natural granite - a deposit in Karelia;

  • Laser and impact engraving on the monument;

  • Modern equipment;

  • Delivery and installation;

  • Uzlov craftsmen and artists;

  • 12 months warranty.

Improvement of graves: tiles, granite

  • improvement of graves at the cemetery in Sinyaevka and Kamenka, Uzlovsky district;

  • decoration of graves and grave sites with tiles: granite tiles, cement tiles, optional marble and porcelain stoneware;

  • quality materials and experienced craftsmen;

  • Guarantee.

Coffin: lacquered, fabric.

  • funeral coffins of traditional shapes and colors;

  • finishes to choose from: fabric, wood, lacquered, budget and expensive coffins;

  • we will take into account special wishes in design;

  • delivery and pickup. Call:  +7 (950) 901-55-42;

Improvement of burials

Laying tiles on the grave, ritual fences - making and  installation, care of graves. Remote ordering of funeral services by phone or Whatsapp.

Reporting on photos and videos

Лазерная гравировка на гранитных памятниках в Узловой


and shock engraving

Application of laser and impact engraving on granite monuments.

Modern equipment, high precision, any image.


+7 (950) 901-55-42

Hotline and free consultations on funeral services in the Uzlovsky district
+ 7 (950) 901-55-42

Remote service

Cleaning at the grave - order by Whatsapp or by number +7 (950) 9015542

Most of the residents of the city of Uzlovaya are at work in other regions and cities of our country: in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara, in Siberia, in the South and in the North, and some also work in the Far East. What if you need to take care of the grave, but you cannot be there all year round?

There is an answer - the Ritual Center in the city of Uzlovaya is ready to take on the functions of organizing remote care of the burial site at the New Cemetery and at the Old Uzlovsky. To do this, just call us or write in Whatsapp



2021 г

Responsibility and terms

We work responsibly, with knowledge of the matter for more than 8 years

A team of our specialists is engaged in the improvement of plots in the cemetery, care of graves and the organization of worthy funerals, including the transportation of the bodies of the deceased to the Uzlovaya and Tula regions.


Our customers know that the graves with their relatives or friends, close people are always in a comfortable state, in a decent and dignified well-groomed form. What can always be seen in photo reports sent by e-mail or messenger  Whatsapp  ...

We use all available communication channels.



2021 г

Photo report and video clip

After the work done, the report will be sent to your phone

Based on the results of the work, our specialists will form a complete photo report for you. You can be convinced of the worthy appearance of the burial site.  

In the photographs you will see how the site looked like before our work and you can be convinced of the excellent condition of the grave after the work of the specialists of the Ritual Center.  

If desired, it is possible to shoot in FHD quality and prepare a video clip lasting 5-10 minutes with a story about the work done.

Perhaps it will be convenient for you to communicate with us through the messenger: Whatsapp or VK



2021 г


Classic Granite Tombstones

See options for natural granite monuments
from Karelia

Classic monuments, monuments with a heart, with a rose, flowers, with the image and imitation of birch, maple, willow are available. Monuments with Orthodox crosses are very popular.

Ritual center in Uzlovaya

The Ritual Center in Uzlovaya is a funeral service in the Tula region (71 regions) which includes such concepts and services as:

  • funeral home - organize a funeral in one call;

  • ritual agency - farewell meals and memorial dinners in the hub;

  • ritual service - solving ritual issues;

  • improvement of graves in cemeteries;

  • transportation of the deceased - cargo 200;

  • grave fences;

  • crosses and monuments;

  • laying of paving slabs - paving stones at the burial;

  • cleaning on graves by a remote scheme - call us! We will do it carefully and efficiently, we will bring the grave into a respectable look and report on the photos and videos.

A step-by-step action plan on how to organize a funeral in Uzlovaya and where to call in case of the death of a loved one


Call the Ritual Center by phone



Get advice without leaving home


Wait for the funeral agent at the location you specified. For the nodal, it will take from 15  up to 30 minutes


Agree on a plan  funeral by phone or at the specified address in person.

How to organize a funeral at the hub by phone number or over the Internet

In moments of grief, there is no way to do business as usual. Realizing the complexity and tragedy of the situation, the ritual agent will do everything in the best possible way.