Engraving on monuments in Uzlovaya

Виды выполняемых работ по гравировке на памятниках от Ритуального Центра в городе Узловая:

  • лазерная гравировка на камне

  • ударная гравировка по граниту

  • гравировка на памятник — ручная работа

  • таблички на ритуальные памятники

Laser engraving on stone: the pros and cons of technology

  1. High speed performance of quality work.

  2. The engraving is carried out over the entire surface of the stone.

  3. Exceptional accuracy of images and inscriptions on the product.

  4. The ability to engrave the most complex and bizarre stone blanks.

  5. The laser engraving method is environmentally friendly.

  6. Application on various types of stone for the preparation of monuments.

How to make an order for stone engraving on granite monuments in the Ritual Center

Требования к изображениям для гравировки.png

To order an engraving -  transferring any image to the surface of the monument, applying inscriptions and ornaments, photographs, drawings, processing stone with a laser or percussion method, manual processing of natural granite, just call us at the indicated phone numbers on the website in the Contacts section or by clicking the button below.  

During a free consultation, the manager will answer all your questions and, if necessary, make an appointment at a convenient time for you.


Call:  +7 (950) 901 - 55 - 42

Impact engraving technique on monuments: the advantages of technology

  1. Due to the depth, the image is preserved for centuries.

  2. The speed of the work is higher than with the manual method.

  3. The accuracy of images and inscriptions on monuments is higher than with manual engraving.

  4. The impact method of engraving on granite monuments is environmentally friendly.

Manual engraving on stone monuments: technology advantages and disadvantages

The manual method of engraving on granite or marble has the most important and indisputable plus over any other types - the uniqueness of the work. Any product made by a master can be considered an exclusive piece of art. The monuments are amazingly beautiful and unique.

The disadvantages of this method include, first of all, the high labor intensity and high cost of the final product.