Coffins in Uzlovaya

Гробы деревянные тканевые


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How to buy a wooden coffin - instructions

1. Call the number:
Tel .: +7 (950) 901-55-42 - add this RCC number to the contacts on your phone.
Tel .: 8 (903) 841-07-48 - add this RCC number to the contacts on your phone.

2. Get a free consultation.

3. Check the availability of the required product.

4. Specify the delivery methods (by company transport to the apartment or self-pickup).

5. Pay for the purchase of the coffin.

6. Additional services, issues are resolved by telephone of the RCU or personally with representatives of the Ritual Center of Uzlovaya.

Wooden coffin


Wooden coffins. Left - fabric

On the right - lacquered, with carvings.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Both are made of wood.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

They have interior decoration and are completely ready for use.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

The coffin lid is one-piece.

Cloth coffin

Lacquered coffin

Prices for coffins, production requirements, description and shapes of coffins, colors and materials for coffin production

A wooden coffin is the most popular attribute for a funeral. For the burial of the deceased, Russian legislation and sanitary norms of SanPiN require the body to be placed in a coffin.

The SanPiN rules are established for everyone, without exception, regardless of religion. In some cases, it is allowed to use not a coffin, but its alternative version - a tabut.

Muslim box made of polished wooden boards. Has the shape of a parallelepiped. Often covered with material. The religious name is TABUT.

How much is a ritual coffin - price for coffins in Uzlovaya

In the company Ritual Center Uzlovaya - RCU, the cost of coffins is quite low. The purchase will cost from several thousand rubles in the economy segment. An assortment of funeral ritual coffins with a wide range of prices has been worked out and prepared for the customer, both for people with modest financial resources and for wealthy people.

The ritual center offers coffins in the following price categories:

Common patterns

  • budget coffin - economy version from 4000;

  • wooden coffin upholstered with fabric (fabric) - from 9000;

  • wooden coffin covered with varnish (varnished, polished) - 15,000.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


  • combined coffin (special order, in advance) - the price is set individually;

  • religious boxes (special order, in advance) - the price depends on the material of execution;

  • zinc coffin (special order, in advance);

  • exclusive vip-class or premium coffins made in advance by special order (VIP / special order / in advance) - a personalized approach to pricing.

About the consistently high quality of coffins and ritual services from

Agents and employees of the RCU are exacting about the quality of goods for ritual ceremonies and services. The company guarantees the provision of products, accessories and services provided on time and with the declared quality of performance.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

You can find out about the availability of wooden, polished and other coffins in Uzlovaya by the contact numbers of the Ritual Center. Call us - any adequate consultations with us are free.

The purchase and transportation of your chosen coffin will not cause any hassle if you contact our specialists. We will arrange the delivery of the coffin, lift it to the floor with the lid. If necessary, you can immediately order a funeral brigade to remove the coffin.

Regardless of what the price of a coffin or ritual services of the RCU will be - from minimal to elite, each product and service complies with the norms and rules of SanPiN of Russia.

Гроб полированный из дерева качественный и красивый - продажда в узловой. Доступны к заказ
What other types of coffins are found on the territory of Russia

Wooden and polished coffins are distinguished by their shape:

  • rectangular - g rob with parallel lines in all planes of the product;

  • trapezoidal . At the head, the coffin is as wide as possible, at the feet it is narrowed;

  • hexagonal - these coffins are commonly used in Catholic circles. A coffin of this shape has an extension in the central part of the body of the ritual item;

  • octagonal - this is a modification of rectangular with beveled corners;

  • oval - made to order and often such coffins are made of special material.

Coffin lids come in the following shapes:

  • flat;

  • narrowed;

  • rounded.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Usually, coffin lids are removable or hinged.

Often coffins are covered with cloth of a certain symbolic color: crimson, red, velvet blue, dark green and even black ...

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

We will inform about the emergence of new models and changes in the pricing policy in relation to ritual accessories and coffins on the pages of the website of the company RITUAL CENTER in Uzlovaya -

In any case, we are ready to solve non-standard situations - the point under discussion. Call.

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