Russia, Tula region, Uzlovsky district, the village of Vasilyevka, Rural cemetery (Old cemetery)

Russia, Tula region, Uzlovsky district, Sinyaevka village, New Uzlovsky cemetery

Гранитное отделка на участке могилы - современное кладбище

Organization of funeral and beautification of burials

Is free invite a ritual agent to your home to resolve all issues related to the organization of the funeral, the arrangement of the grave and the care of the grave

How to get to us

Address 1 - office in Vasilyevka:

Russia, Tula region, Uzlovsky district, Kamenka village, Rural cemetery.

Address 2 - office in Sinyaevka:

Russia, Tula region, Uzlovaya, Sinyaevka village, Sinyaevka cemetery (New).

The ritual center operates and provides funeral services in the Tula region. Offices are located in close proximity to cemeteries:

Russia, Tula region, Uzlovsky district, village Vasilyevka, Old Rural cemetery.

Russia, Tula region, Uzlovsky district, Sinyaevka village, New Uzlovsky cemetery.



To order the services of a funeral agent, you need to call the numbers indicated on the website page or call:

+7 (950) 901-55-42

To arrange the delivery of the body of the deceased to the Uzlovsky district, you must contact the numbers on this site. The funeral agent will tell you all your actions and give you free advice on all issues.


To organize the laying of tiles at the cemetery, the installation of the cross, the installation of the fence, the delivery of materials, the care of the graves and any other funeral services, you should call our representative at: +7 (950) 901-55-42

The list of services provided by the funeral agency Ritual Center Uzlovaya:

  • monuments and fences in Uzlovaya;

  • installation of monuments on graves;

  • laying tiles around the grave;

  • installation of gravestones, flower beds;

  • organization of a funeral;

  • organization of a memorial meal;

  • grave care;

  • transportation of the body of the deceased from the regions of Russia to Uzlovaya;

  • sale of crosses, wreaths and flowers;

  • assorted coffins;

  • paperwork;

  • remote grave care.

Company details RCU





Business type

Individual entrepreneur

Registration date

September 4, 2012



Date of registration

January 11, 2021

Name of the tax authority

Department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Tula Region

Activities in accordance with the OKVED classifier.
Funeral arrangements and related services (96.03)
Additional (2)
Cutting, processing and finishing of stone for monuments (23.70.2)
Retail sale of religious and religious items, funeral accessories in specialized stores (47.78.4)