Redecoration of monuments at the cemetery in the town of Uzlovaya - the village of Kamenka and Sinyaevka

We will carry out repairs on the grave as soon as possible. We will fix the decoration on the grave and bring it to a neat, respectable look. Replacement of monuments and fences, paving stones and tiles on the grave.

What material do we work with

  • granite;

  • marble;

  • cast granite;

  • metal profile pipe;

  • ceramic tiles and paving stones;

  • enamel and primer-enamel;

  • cement 500;

  • top quality putties and grout;

  • wood;

  • adhesives;

Мрамор и гранит

Redecoration of cemetery sites

  • replacement of the monument;

  • surface work on granite and marble (with the possibility of sealing a chip);

  • elimination of cracks (surface cracks);

  • painting (fences); replacement of tiles and restoration of details of the memorial complex;

  • the washing up;

  • cleaning up the trash at the grave ...

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Каменщик на работе

You can use this service from anywhere in the world. Just call us and we will do everything that is needed on the grave of your relative or loved one. We serve cemeteries in Uzlovaya: Kamenka and Sinyaevka. If necessary, we carry out a search for graves in these cemeteries using photographs, dates, full names, identification signs and enter them into the cemetery scheme, put up signs, monuments, a bench, a table, a cross, paint fences and with which grass, we take out mmsor - a full range of ritual cemetery cleaning services with remote order. Call.

If necessary, we will repair the tombstone, update and add the grave - it is possible to order only the filling, mowing of the grass.

The main problem of the deterioration of monuments and the loss of a neat appearance on the graves is the climate, animals and vandals.

From time to time we have to replace elements of the composition with new ones. But sometimes it is possible to make cosmetic repairs. In this case, our masters will do all the work and provide a guarantee.

If the monument or tile has suffered badly, then we will replace these products with new ones.

In most cases, when attacked by vandals, it is necessary to make a replacement. For detailed information and advice on the possibilities of repair and replacement of parts of the grave improvement, call us on the phone


You can get acquainted with all the services in the relevant sections of the site of the ritual company " Ritual Center " in the city of Uzlovaya, Tula region.