Grave improvement - full cycle

Укладка плитки на могилах в узловой
Дистанционный заказ - уборка на могилах в Узловой: Каменка, Синяевка - РЦ

The Ritual Center company carries out the improvement of graves, cemeteries, monuments. The services will be performed according to the full cycle - starting with a free consultation and drawing up a work plan, choosing materials, calculating an estimate and up to handing over the object to the customer.

You can use the burial improvement service directly by contacting our offices in Kaenka or Sinyayevka in rural cemeteries.

For nonresidents, remote ways of placing an order by phone or via the Internet are available. To do this, just call us or write to Whatsapp. Reporting is provided on demand in a photo in electronic form via the Internet.

Stages and types of work on the improvement of grave sites in cemeteries in Sinyaevka and Kamenka, Uzlovsky district

1. Preparation of the repository and the beginning of work (*) - after the approved work plan and estimate, the following is made:

  • cleaning of rubbish, grass, old and worn-out structures;

  • marking the site with the grave;

  • leveling and / or adding soil;

  • delivery of tools and materials;

  • land works;

  • formwork erection.

* In each particular case, the sequence and types of work are consistent with the approved plan and estimate.

Уборка на могилах в узловой

The main stage of the grave improvement work

After preparatory work, in favorable weather, the main work is carried out:

  • filling the base;

  • laying tiles;

  • installation of the monument;

  • installation of a flower garden;

  • installation of benches and tables;

  • installation of a fence.

Each item is discussed in advance and agreed with the customer at the stage of project consultations.

It is possible to expand the list of events carried out or select the required services based on the capabilities and budget.

подготовительные работы по благоустройству могильного участка на кладбище в Узловой

The final stage for the improvement of the grave

After the end of the main stage for the design of the cemetery site with the grave, specialists prepare for the delivery of the object:

  • cleaning and removal of construction residues from the cemetery;

  • at the request of the customer, the laying of wreaths and flowers on the grave is organized;

  • bringing the burial and the entire site to  neat look;

  • photo report and delivery of the object.

Ритуальный центр - благоустройство захоронений в Узловой