Железная ограда для могилы

Fences to the grave

in Uzlovaya

Grave fence


The price of a metal profile fence: from 650 rubles per running meter.

Profile tube thickness: 1.5 mm

Turnkey metal fence for a grave

Price of a metal fence with turnkey installation:

A fence made of a metal profile with a 1.5 mm thick pipe with the installation of concreting of the fastening legs on an area of 2.5 m by 2.5 m - 7110 rubles

Price of a metal fence for burial with turnkey installation according to individual sizes

The price of a fence on a burial plot with dimensions over 2.5x2.5 is calculated individually for each plot, up to centimeters. You should call the ritual agent at the Ritual Center company in the city of Uzlovaya and clarify the cost of the fence and installation in concrete for the size of the site.

Where to order a fence for the grave and its installation at the cemetery in Uzlovaya.

You can order the production, installation and painting of ritual fences for graves in Uzlovaya by phone:

+7 (950) 901-55-42

The production of fences is carried out by cold forging. Product protection is carried out by applying a polymer primer-enamel. The quality of the installation of fencing guaranteed 10 years of experience.

Burial fences are carried out in any shape and size. In most cases, a metal professional pipe is used.

Individually, you can order forged products of any complexity. Delivery of the grave fence and its installation is carried out by professional workers.

You can find out detailed information on materials, production time, questions of measurement and cost of the product by calling the ritual agent by phone at the phone number above or by the CONSULTATION button at the bottom of the page.

Installation of grave fences is carried out in 1-2 days, depending on weather conditions.

You can make a fence order for the grave based on the results of measurements taken at the burial site. For measurement in a cemetery or other place of burial leaves the representative of the company. Dates and forms of fencing are agreed directly with the company representative at the place of installation of the ritual fence.


You can also order manufacturing and installation:

The measurement results, production time, installation date and deadlines, the cost of all services and work must be agreed with the customer.

You can also order any fences and monuments up to art sculptures and fences.


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You can also order the manufacture and installation of granite monuments and elements of the decoration of the grave: