Tombstones in Uzlovaya


Granite monument

Tombstones of any shape, size and complexity of execution.

Monuments made of granite are characterized by an unsurpassed degree of strength and durability. They are not afraid of weather disasters.

Unlike soft rocks, they have an increased life resource against vandals.


Animals to such monuments do not pose any threats.


Caring for such a monument is as simple as possible: wipe it with a damp cloth.

You can get recommendations for care from a consultant - during a call to order a monument of granite in Uzlovaya.


Deadlines for the execution of your order: 30-31 days (1 month) - excluding weather force majeure situations.

Call consult for all questions with an experienced specialist.


You will receive a detailed consultation on choosing a monument for your climatic conditions at the time of order.

Contact at any time of the day. An experienced specialist will tell you about granite steles or any products made of granite and advise the material for the tombstone in accordance with the characteristics of the terrain for installation.


Marble monument

Marble products are beautiful, harmonious, radiant. The inherent lightness and freshness embody purity.

The climate in Russian conditions does not contribute to the disclosure of the aesthetic advantages of marble products.

In the snowy expanses, aesthetics are lost, but in a green background it is revealed from a completely different perspective - the monument looks elegant, casts images of purity, lightness, and attracts attention.

The marble monument is suitable for heated, covered rooms. There is no better option at a decent price.

Marble is a soft stone. This property causes difficulties with transportation, but facilitates the manufacture of the product.

The monument "floats" under the influence of the atmosphere and harsh climatic conditions: in two or three years, clear forms disappear, details, the portrait and epitaph are smoothed out and become swollen.

You will receive a detailed consultation on choosing a monument for your climatic conditions at the time of order.

Contact at any time of the day. The specialist will tell you about marble products and advise the material in accordance with the characteristics of the terrain for installation.


Component casting

Modern technology is the guardian of eternity.

Decorative stone, artificial stone, casting, casting stone, casting monument - these are varieties of names of component casting for the production of tombstones, monuments and ritual products.

Injection monuments are ordered quite often and a lot. They have occupied their price niche and are in demand everywhere.


The high demand for these products also explains the increased cost of component-molded monuments for graves.

The technology for the production of artificial stone products is far from ideal, which significantly affects durability. Any factory marriage is difficult to identify at the stage of purchase and installation. Accordingly, the service life is reduced.

In care, molded monuments do not differ from granite ones - they are unpretentious. In the case of high-quality manufacturing and accurate delivery, installation by technology, such monuments are able to last a long time.

You can order and consult on the choice of a monument by calling our contact numbers, for which go to the appropriate section of the site or click on the Consult button below this text.

In the Ritual Center Uzlovaya you can buy or order monuments and gravestones, sculptures on graves


  • monuments made of granite (natural stone);

  • cast marble monuments;

  • monuments from molded granite;

  • monuments made of polyfibroconcrete;

  • polyfibroconcrete flower beds;

  • cast marble angels.

Polyfibre concrete flower beds are ideally combined with granite and marble monuments, crosses, fences. Flower beds of a monolithic design have:


  • reinforcing frame (reinforcement);

  • additional micro-reinforcement over the entire mass of the article;

  • top quality materials;


Tombstones from polyfibroconcrete do not burn out in the sun, they perfectly tolerate the impact of the Russian climate. Serve about 10 years. Monuments and tombstones from molding materials have a wide range of standard forms and are carried out according to any design - project of the customer.

Monolithic polyfibrous concrete is used for the manufacture of sculptures of angels, ritual monuments, tombstones, sculptural compositions at burial grounds.

Production technology involves the use of high quality materials that have established themselves as reliable and time-tested.

In the manufacture of monuments and flower beds exclusively non-combustible materials are used.

Moisture resistance, frost resistance and resistance to high temperatures make it possible to give a guarantee on all products.

The service life of such monuments reaches 10 years or more.


classic gravestones made of granite

Check out the options for granite monuments in the gallery

Classic monuments, monuments with a heart, with a rose, flowers, with the image and imitation of birch, maple, willow are available. The monument with Orthodox crosses is very popular.