Granite monument in Uzlovaya

Examples of monuments made of granite

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General information about granite monuments

The photographs show examples of granite monuments erected in the cemeteries of Uzlovaya and Uzlovsky district - in Kamenka, Sinyaevka and other cemeteries of the Tula region.


Caring for the graves with a granite monument installed requires minimal funds. Wash the monument well enough and it will look like new.

Granite is a very strong and reliable material. The service life of granite products can reach more than 500 years. All thanks to the fine-grained structure. And if a stone formed in an area with harsh climatic conditions and under the influence of high pressure, then stone monuments are preserved much longer.

However, history itself, periodically throws us irrefutable evidence of the strength of such products in the form of historical finds of antiquity.


Granite for the manufacture of a monument to the grave can be considered the most successful choice both in price and in reliability of its operation.


It is important to protect these products from marauders and use caution when transporting.

How and where to buy a granite monument in Uzlovaya

It is very easy to buy a granite monument in the junction. It is enough to contact our ritual agent - a representative of the Ritual Center company and, after consultation, make an appointment. Next, you will choose the product you like. There are more expensive options, there are also inexpensive granite monuments, there are also economy options.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

After completing the purchase and signing an agreement for the provision of services for the installation of a monument at the grave, employees of the RCU are connected to work. Each of our specialists has at least seven years of experience in the improvement of graves. The work will be completed on time. You are provided with a guarantee for the quality of the work performed. Warranty and post-warranty service.

  • Here, only with the consent of relatives, all photos and video materials with examples of monuments, paving slabs, pavers, fences, crosses, wreaths for funeral processions, flower beds and other ritual accessories and funeral accessories will be posted.