Transportation of the deceased to Uzlovaya



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Transportation or transportation of the body of the deceased “GRUZ 200” from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Samara, Pskov, Tula or from any city in Russia is carried out in accordance with the Sanitary Rules and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our company will provide you with services for transporting the body of a relative or close person to Uzlovaya at any time, day or night, regardless of weather conditions, with the exception of “Emergency Situations” and “ FORCE MAJEURE” circumstances.


To find out details of how and under what conditions the deceased’s body will be transported to Uzlovaya, what documents and certificates are required, and how much it will cost, just dial +79509015542 and get a detailed consultation.

RCU organizes:

  • body transportation from Moscow to Uzlovaya;

  • transportation of the deceased from St. Petersburg;

  • delivery of the deceased with a specially equipped car or rail from any city in Russia;

  • delivery of the body of the deceased by plane to Moscow and then on a specially prepared bus to Uzlovaya.

To independently think through all the stages and fully provide accompanying documents is a very difficult task for ordinary citizens.

Therefore, the Ritual Center Uzlovaya company organizes services for transporting the bodies of the deceased to the city nodal from any region of Russia and takes on absolutely all the troubles, namely:

  • preparation of transport;

  • preparing the body for transportation;

  • transportation of the deceased to the place of farewell in the Uzlovsky district and burial in a cemetery in Kamenka or Sinyaevka.



Experience and Responsibility

The RCU has more than seven years of experience in solving such difficult mental problems as organizing a funeral and transporting the bodies of the deceased.


You can use all our services in the complex:

  • transportation of the deceased;

  • organization of a farewell ceremony;

  • funeral in Uzlovaya;

  • memorial meal (memorial dinners);

  • improvement and care of graves.

We guarantee you the conscientious fulfillment of obligations, in full accordance with the concluded agreements for the services provided.

Employees of the RCU are ready to take care of the transportation procedure and will do everything possible so that you can adequately carry out a loved one on the last journey. Call me.

Чтобы узнать актуальную стоимость услуги по перевозке тела покойного в другой кород, позвоните менеджеру компании Ритуальный центр

Transportation of the deceased from Moscow to Uzlovaya

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